Saturday, April 20, 2013

When in the course of human events..........

This past week has been one of those that will or at least hopefully will be not forgotten quickly. The fact is that the world we live in today is much different than the world that most of us grew up in. Definitions in society are changing day by day. A virtue or value that we could define by a word, now has different or multiple implications. Core values that have helped to make this nation great are being challenged. In many cases people have less value than a perceived notion or whim. Being politically correct has become more important than saying or doing the right thing.
This week we have witnessed evil, tragedy, sorrow, joy, relief, teamwork, vigilance, and to a degree triumph. Many of us no matter where we are in this great country of ours have shared our thoughts. Some out of anger or frustration, others out of hope. What ever reason, each of us hopefully, have had a change of heart, and hopefully for the better. The people of Massachusetts and of Texas have been the recipients of many prayers of faith, these have come from those of a wide variety of Faiths. Even those that do not have a belief in Deity have had thoughts of well wishing and a hope for relief to those that suffer and are in harms way. The bottom line is this, When in the course of human events.... we have shown that we are a compassionate and caring people. That even though there are evil forces and individuals in the world, collectively we still have a decent core. That in and of itself gives me hope for a better day.  May we as a nation be able to heal, to set aside our differences, and work together honestly, frankly, and compassionately.


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