Saturday, February 8, 2014

Huskies prove they can play with the best of region

Taylorsville Utah February 7, 2014

A determined Hillcrest team proved to themselves and the rest of region 5a that they can compete. The Huskies had a 22 - 14 lead at the end of the first quarter. With hustle play from the entire team  and some dead eye shooting from Senior Mat Means.

Andrew Reich at the free throw line
At the end of the first half the lead widened with the Huskies scoring 48 points to Warriors 34. In the third quarter both teams added 17 points to their totals. Hillcrest seemed to slow the game down by playing a perimeter passing game. Opening the door for the talented Warrior ball club. The Warriors took advantage of the slow down and played aggressive defense frustrating the Huskies. At the end of the 4th quarter the Warriors had tied the score, forcing an overtime. In overtime the Huskies quickly put points on the board, but by then two of Hillcrests leading rebounders had fouled out of the contest. Taylorsville took advantage of the loss of Thompson and Reich and outscored the Huskies in overtime11 to 8. The final score 82 - 85 Taylorsville.

Taylorsville remains undefeated in region play.  Hillcrest remains in the third spot in region, but should take stock in the fact that they not only lead the best team in region, but they dominated them for three quarters, proving that they are contenders.

Best of luck to both teams as the season winds down and the quest for a run in the State Championships awaits.

Enjoy these Photo's of the game. Pass them along.

Click here to see photos of the game

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