Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We the People, Preserving our Constitution

Help America remember what its all about, We the people! Help us to raise awareness that our constitution is under attack. That our elected representatives are supposed to be just that, representative of We the People! That each of us has the right and responsibility to Preserve, Protect and Defend the principles found in this wonderful document.

Our Liberty, Nation and Constitution are being challenged at every turn. Help us to remember how great it is to be the a part of the United States. We need to rally together and restore the confidence and trust that have been lost. Support the We the People Campaign as we remember the Signing, Ratification, of the constitution and Liberties we enjoy as Americans. We are producing a series of shows called Patriots Dreams to help with this mission. Buy your T shirt for your families and to help all Americans remember what it is all about. God Bless you all, and God Bless America.

For a limited time you can order this wonderful shirt for just 15.00
The funds go to help preserve protect and defend the Constitution of this great land. Order yours here
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